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Chancela Al-Mansour,

Executive Director

Javier Beltran Headshot.jpg

Javier Beltran,

Deputy Director


Laurel Steven, Office Manager

Ken M. Kaplan, Programs Manager


Danny Batalla - Financial Director

Luz Lyle – Senior Accountant

Niko Contreras – Accounting Assistant

Media, Outreach and Education

Request a training or event:


Margot Parker-Elder, Director

Maria Hernandez, Senior Outreach Coordinator

Yazmin Maria, Outreach Coordinator

Housing Counseling

To ask a housing question, contact us at:

1-800-477-5977 or

William Izmiryan, Director

Gloria Bertoldo, Senior Housing Counselor

Zero R. Prefect, Senior Housing Counselor​
Jacqueline Dorado, Housing Counselor

Leonor Ortega, Housing Counselor

Lucy Piedra, Housing Counselor

Mariapaz Boddien, Housing Counselor

Rosemary Serna, Housing Counselor

Stephanie Sanchez, Housing Counselor


Candas Fletcher, Director of Investigations

Artemus Parker, Case Analyst​

Bradley Thomas, Case Analyst​

Gene Alejo, Case Analyst

Grace Garcia, Case Analyst

Leslie Dominguez, Case Analyst

Carolyn Walton-Joseph, Case Analyst

Fair Housing Litigation

Rodney Leggett, Director of Litigation

Zack Frederick, Staff Attorney

Vickie Scarborough-Willis, Legal Assistant

Stay Housed LA / Eviction Prevention

*For legal aid with an eviction, you must contact Stay Housed LA directly:

Stephanie Chandler, Directing Attorney

Angeline Taylor, Staff Attorney

Angelica Carrillo, Legal Fellow

Simone Gewirth, Paralegal

 Stacey Kelley, Paralegal

Stephanie Zamora, Paralegal

Marlene Sanchez, Program Manager

Angelyca Arevalo, Program Coordinator

Cherice Williams, Program Coordinator

Jenny Han, Program Coordinator

Oliver Salonen, Program Coordinator

Fair Housing Initiative Program (FHIP) 
Monica Maldonado, Program Director

Christian Ramirez, Test Coordinator

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