Chancela Al-Mansour,

Executive Director

Javier Beltran Headshot.jpg

Javier Beltran,

Deputy Director


Danny A. Batalla, Accountant

Jacqueline Odiver, Accounting Assistant

Laurel Steven, Office Manager

Ken M. Kaplan, Programs Manager

Media, Outreach and Education

Elana Eden, Director

Madeline McCormick, FHIP EOI Program Manager

Katherine Jara, Outreach Coordinator

Maria Hernandez, Outreach Coordinator

​Erica Nam, Outreach Coordinator

Crys Letona, Digital Communications Manager


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Housing Counseling
William Izmiryan, Director

Gloria Bertoldo, Senior Housing Counselor

Zero R. Prefect, Senior Housing Counselor​

Alejandra Sandoval, Housing Counselor
Jacqueline Dorado, Housing Co

Leonor Ortega, Housing Counselor

Mahala Baker, Housing Counselor​

Mariapaz Boddien, Housing Counselor

Stephanie Sanchez, Housing Counselor 

Victoria Arzate, Housing Counselor​

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Artemus Parker, Case Analyst​

Bradley Thomas, Case Analyst​

Grace Garcia, Case Analyst

Hisano Hamada, Case Analyst

Leslie Dominguez, Case Analyst


Rodney Leggett, Staff Attorney

Zack Frederick, Staff Attorney

Vickie Scarborough-Willis, Legal Assistant

Eviction Defense Unit

Alex Flores, Supervising Attorney

Stephanie Chandler, Staff Attorney

Casey Tope, Paralegal

Claire Shaw, Paralegal

Kiana Martinez, Paralegal

 Stacey Kelley, Tenant Assistance Specialist

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Fair Housing Initiative Program (FHIP) 
Monica Maldonado, Program Director

Grace Hut, Test Coordinator

Christian Ramirez, Test Coordinator


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California COVID-19 Rent Relief Program 

Marlene Sanchez, Program Manager

Angelyca Arevalo, Program Coordinator

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