Fair Housing Certification Training

​The Housing Rights Center conducts Fair Housing Certification Trainings designed to inform and educate housing providers, managers, and industry professionals about the fair housing laws and illegal housing practices. During the COVID-19 health crisis, HRC will be offering these trainings virtually. 


Our training will cover federal and state protected classes for Fair Housing laws, including: people with disabilities; families with children; race/national origin; sexual harassment and domestic violence; and appropriate language guidance for housing vacancies and advertising. 

Those who attend our Fair Housing Certification Training, will receive digital packets of: (1) “Fair Housing Certification Training Manual for Housing Industry Professionals”, handbook; (2) “Fair Housing Certification Training, Certificate of Completion”, certificate; (3) and “Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Fair Housing”, protected class poster.

Please keep in mind, seats for our FHCT session are available on a first-come-first-serve basis and prior payment is required to reserve your spot.

To RSVP click register below or email outreachmeetings@housingrightscenter.org 

FHCT pricing is as follows: 

Voluntary attendance:         $100/person

Required* attendance:         $150/person

* Required/mandatory pursuant to Consent Decree, Conciliation Agreement, or other settlement.

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