10 Tips to Help Tenants & Landlords


Get everything in writing whether it's the repairs your landlord has promised you or the waived late fee for your rent.


Always make sure to get receipts for your rent or make money orders / cashiers check. 


Landlords are legally required to provide at least a 24 hour notice of right to entry before being able to enter tenant's unit.


Domestic Violence victims can break lease without any consequences if they have a copy of a restraining order or a police report.


After the eviction notice expires, landlords or management companies cannot "kick" tenants out of their units, nor can they make the unit inhabitable. Legally landlords or management companies have to file the Unlawful Detainer Process through court after the eviction notice expires.


Use any of the common housing related Civil Codes to include in your letter to your tenant/landlord. Before sending your letter, make sure to FIRST search the civil code on here, to find the correct interpretation.


If you have any requests, concerns, and/or issues with your tenants or your landlord, it is best to communicate them in a letter to your landlord

or management company. Make sure to make a copy of your letter as

well as sending it through certified mail so that you have a receipt to prove you sent your letter.


Landlords are legally required to provide you with at least a 30 days notice of eviction if tenant has lived there for less than a year, 60 days notice of eviction if tenant has lived there for more than a year, and 90 days notice if tenant is under section 8. 


Landlords legally have 21 days to return a tenant's security deposit or to give them a detailed receipt of what the tenant is being charged for. 


Landlords cannot charge an extra pet deposit or increase rent in any way if the tenant has made a Reasonable Accommodation Request for their service or emotional support animal.


Write your landlord a letter requesting to make any repairs to make your unit habitable. If your landlord does not respond, file a complaint to the health department or the building and code enforcement

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