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HRC has established an effective and comprehensive outreach and public education program designed to raise awareness of the fair housing laws that protect individuals, often in traditionally undeserved communities, against housing discrimination.

The Outreach Department develops and distributes educational literature and resources that describe ways to prevent housing injustices and the applicable laws that protect against discrimination. The materials are made available free to the public in various languages including English, Spanish,  Korean, Mandarin, Armenian, Cantonese and Russian.

The Outreach Department also presents free fair housing law workshops for landlords, tenants, nonprofit organizations and government employees. The workshops include an overview of the state and federal fair housing laws, as well as basic landlord-tenant rights and responsibilities. Depending on the audience, the presentations can be translated by staff into Armenian, Mandarin, Spanish, or Russian. Please refer to the calendar on the home page of this website to view a listing of scheduled events in your area, or call HRC and speak with a member of the Outreach Department.

Since 2000, the Outreach Department has planned and coordinated the ANNUAL HOUSING RIGHTS SUMMIT, which brings together civil rights advocates, social service providers, housing industry professionals and members of the concerned public to discuss fair housing issues and develop strategies to combat discrimination. 

HRC also offers a monthly FAIR HOUSING CERTIFICATION TRAINING for housing industry professionals who are interested in learning about the federal and state fair housing laws. We presently offer trainings in English, Spanish and Korean.

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