Staff Directory

Chancela Al-Mansour, Executive Director

Danny A. Batalla, Accountant

Ken M. Kaplan, Programs Manager

Laurel Steven, Office Manager


Scott Chang, Director of Litigation

Azadeh Hosseinian, Staff Attorney

Andreina Kniss, Litigation Paralegal
Vickie Scarborough-Willis, Legal Assistant

Litigation Department
Investigations Department

Ricardo Barajas, Director of Media, Outreach & Education
Elizabeth Guzman, Outreach Coordinator

Iqra Farooq, Outreach Coordinator

Susan Lin, Outreach Coordinator

Outreach and Public Education Department
HUD Fair Housing Initiatives Program (FHIP) Private Enforcement Initiative Multi-Year Project

William Izmiryan, Director of Counseling

Victoria Arzate, Housing Counselor

Mahala Baker, Housing Counselor​​

Gloria Bertoldo, Senior Housing Counselor

Leonor Ortega, Housing Counselor

Zero R. Prefect, Senior Housing Counselor

​Alejandra Sandoval, Housing Counselor​

Counseling Department

Leona Rollins, Director of Investigations

Carolina Berrios, Case Analyst

Lilian Calderon, Senior Case Analyst​

Srinitha Dasari, Case Analyst

Artemus Parker, Case Analyst

Bradley Thomas, Case Analyst

Aaron Vargas-Portillo, Case Analyst ​

Ken Ward, Project Director

Elana Eden, Test Coordinator


Monica Maldonado, Test Coordinator

Housing Rights Center

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