HRC Source of Income Case

HRC recently resolved a case involving a student who was denied the ability to rent a one-bedroom apartment because his primary source of income was state issued student loans and training benefits.

The prospective tenant, a full-time student, viewed a one-bedroom apartment in Lawndale and submitted a rental application with copies of his student loan documents and training benefits as his source of income. He was subsequently informed by the property manager that the owner did not like his source of income and he would not be allowed to rent the apartment. The prospective tenant provided the manager with additional documents verifying that he qualified for the rental unit, but still received a denial.

The prospective tenant contacted HRC for help in obtaining the one-bedroom apartment which he believed he had been illegally denied for discriminatory reasons. HRC conducted an investigation and verified that the apartment was still available, and that his state issued student loans and training benefits were considered a legal source of income.

HRC issued a complaint letter to the property owner on behalf of the prospective tenant with information and supporting documents concerning the fair housing laws and income source discrimination. HRC requested that the owner allow the prospective tenant to apply for the one-bedroom apartment as his source of income qualified him for the unit. 

The owner subsequently informed HRC that he would rent the one-bedroom apartment to the prospective tenant and shortly thereafter, HRC received confirmation from the student that he was currently living at the property.

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